Take your game to the NEXT LEVEL!

NLB Camp is the new generation of basketball camps focused on raising the level of your basketball skills with the help of expert coaches. Get your game to the Next Level .

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Next Level Basketball Camp is an organised youth basketball camp with the goal of improving young kids basketball abilities. We are a camp dedicated to kids age 10-15, both genders, that will work on developing their skills through individual and team practices, alongside developing their will to win through our competitions.

Our goal is simply to improve the abilities of the young basketball players and offer them a different perspective of the game through fun individual focused practices, where a group of 5-10 players will practice together and enrich their knowledge of team play through team practices with 25 kids.


During a period of ten days, the kids will have morning individual practices that will be followed by afternoon team practices and evening competitions(3×3, free throw shooting contests, and so on). 

The individual practices will be focusing on developing the players individual skills like shooting, dribbling, layups, rebounding and so on, while the team practices will focuses more on team play, building trust in your teammates and making smart decisions on the court.


Our camp will provide relaxing activities that will teach the campers various things that are not related to basketball or at least are not involving practice or some physical effort. We will provide the little campers with a wide range of activities that include swimming on the beach under supervision, a raid with the boat to the Iron Gates and Traians Bridge(Historical Remains) on the Danube River, Basketball Quizzes, Pro Players Lectures and so much more. 

Even if our main focus of the camp is basketball, we want the kids to feel good and have fun while practicing the game they love most. 


  • Making the Camp FUN and EDUCATIONAL 
  • Creating bonds between the players beyond country boarders
  • Developing young talent into better players
  • Providing an yearly reoccurring fun activity for both campers and coaches where they can develop their basketball skills
  • Shaping the players of the future
  • Sharing amazing memories that will last a lifetime 

COST(270 euro)

The cost of the camp is 270 euro, and campers are required to pay it before the start of the camp(their shift). 

With this you cover:

  • Practices and Coaches Salaries
  • Hotel Costs (Meals and Room Service)
  • Boat Ride
  • Lessons
  • Equipment for each Camper

Transport costs are not included!

All your needs will be taken care off and you won’t have to worry about a thing. You(your kid) will have time to focus on basketball completely while after practice he/she can relax on the beach, boat ride, walking through town, learning new things with professional basketball players, etc.